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5ML - Injection 5ML - Injection
Depressive black metal band from southwest of Russia. For fans of Psychonaut 4 and Lifelover. NP003 5ML - INJECTION CD by 5ML
USD10.00 *
Aether - Ego Vitium Sum Aether - Ego Vitium Sum
German Black Metal with ex-members of Wolfthorn & members of Total Hate. 1st album released in 2018. Ego Vitium Sum by AETHER
USD15.00 *
Aîn - Stance I Aîn - Stance I
Occult Post-Black Metal from France. 1st album. Stance I by AÎN
USD15.00 *
Angor Animi - Cyclothymia Angor Animi - Cyclothymia
Depressive Black Metal from Italy, project of Kjiel (Eyelessight, Black Whispers, Sacrimoon). 1st album.
USD15.00 *
Antiquus Scriptum - Conclamatum Est Antiquus Scriptum - Conclamatum Est
Black / Viking Metal from Portugal. 3rd album re-released by Talheim Records.
USD13.75 *
Aschenglas - Schauderreich Aschenglas - Schauderreich
Black / Folk Metal. 1st album.
USD11.25 *
Averxu Atrium - Ω Qliphoth Sefirot Kéter Ω Averxu Atrium - Ω Qliphoth Sefirot Kéter Ω
Occult Black / Death / Thrash Metal from Costa Rica. EP. ATR01 Averxu Atrium - Ω Qliphoth Sefirot Kéter Ω by Averxu Atrium
USD10.63 *
Aves - Feathers Aves - Feathers
Post-Punk / Black Metal. Feathers by Aves
USD13.75 *
Black Autumn / Veldes - Split Black Autumn / Veldes - Split
Split album between the German Ambient Black / Doom Metal band Black Autumn and Slovenian Atmospheric Black Metal band Veldes.
USD12.50 *
Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de l'aube Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de l'aube
Black / Folk Metal. 3rd album. Voyageurs de l'Aube by Catuvolcus
USD15.00 *
Celephaïs ‎– Tir n'a n'Og Celephaïs ‎– Tir n'a n'Og
Black Metal / Post-Metal. EP in 2012. Tir n'a n'Og by Celephaïs
USD7.50 *
December - Credo December - Credo
Post-Rock from Japan. Re-issue of their first EP. Credo EP by December (JPN)
USD12.50 *
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